At SC&C, our background comes from having a hot rod and race car shop for over 35 years. During that time we`ve worked with all the different brands and built hundreds of cars. We`re not impressed or influenced by retail branding, stickers, or ad hype. We just don`t care about those things. What we do care about is design and function.

Some manufacturers make only one or two really outstanding parts, while most of their other parts are fair, or worse. We’ve also seen companies who make mostly good parts, but they also make a few parts that are...not so good. No one company has the best solution for every problem and every application. This is why we "cherry pick" the best of the best from all the different companies for our SC&C Packages.

We take the time to make sure that the parts we sell fit properly, work great, and just as importantly, work great together with all the other parts we sell you for your specific car and application. We do a lot of consultation work in the industry, and work with many manufacturers on product development and testing so we know the parts inside and out.

We also take the time to answer any and all questions you may have, in detail. We call it our Free Suspension Counseling Service (610-381-6100). You can even speak one on one with Mark Savitske, author of "How to Make Your Muscle Car Handle". Do your research, ask questions, be an informed consumer and don`t be fooled by hype and flashy advertising.

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