SPC lower A arms – Setting Ride Height

SPC Lower A Arm Ride Height Adjustment SPC Lower A arms have a modular lower spring seats that allow ride height adjustments to be made while using standard format springs. Various combinations of spacers and seats will yield different ride heights.
-All of the ride height numbers below are in reference to the lower A arms only. Other modifications such as lowering springs, drop spindles, tall lower ball joints etc. will also alter the ride height of the car and their effect is cumulative so be sure to take them into account when setting your desired ride height!
-To adjust ride height simply add or subtract spring pocket components from kits #94346 (5”OD) or #95332 (5 ½”OD). These kits each include 4 spacers, two per side. They are also available in 2 spacers kits, 94348 (5”OD) and 95338 (5 ½”OD). The thickness of each spacer changes the ride height roughly 2:1. (¼” thick spacer changes ride height ½”) Spacers can also be used in asymmetrical combination side to side to correct a car that doesn`t sit level.
-To get the baseline ride height of OE stock lower A arms, first remove the provided aluminum helical spring seat. Then re-install it on top of two flat steel spring shims per side.
**Component configurations for lowering the car are as follows.** These formats are handy for lowering an otherwise stock car or for accommodating tall drag springs.
-To lower the car ½” use only one ¼” steel spring spacer per side, with the helical aluminum seats.
-To lower the car1” use no ¼” steel spring spacers, only the helical aluminum seat.
**Component configurations for lifting the car are as follows.** These formats are primarily problem solvers for cars that are too low.
-To lift the car ½” use the aluminum helical seat with three (3) ¼” thick steel shims.
-To lift the car 1” use the helical aluminum seats with four (4) ¼” thick steel shims.
-Additional lift can be provided with SPC aluminum upper spring seat inserts from 3/8” to 1” thickness (5”OD), #1102-1106 and ½” to 1” (5 1/2”OD), #1621 to 1627. These also have a roughly 2:1 height ratio. Beyond this, you probably have the wrong springs for your application.

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