SC&C Touring Suspension Package 1982-1992 GM 3rd Gen F Body (Camaro/Firebird)

SC&C Touring Suspension Package 1982-1992 GM 3rd Gen F Body (Camaro/Firebird)

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SC&C Touring Suspension Package

Our latest package includes:
1. Hotchkis Sport springs (front and rear) with a 1″ drop, 1903
2. Koni adjustable rate Sport struts and shocks, 8741-1030SPORT / 30-1265SPORT
3. Hellwig sway bars – 1 5/16″ 4140 chrome moly front, and 7/8″ adjustable rate tubular rear
4. UMI Rotojoint/poly rear trailing arms #2033
5. UMI Rotojoint/poly adjustable panhard bar #2036

3rd Gens were great handling cars for their day, but they still have some weak points that need to be addressed to bring them up to par with the latest modern muscle cars. This entry level package packs checks off the most important boxes without breaking the bank. Hotchkis Sport spring are firm but not harsh and drop the stance 1″ all around for a lower CG and a killer stance, Koni Sport adjustable struts and shocks have more sophisticated valving than the OE units and allow you to tune the handling and ride to your preferences, a Hellwig 1 5/16″ forged solid front bar has about 20% more rate than the IROC/WS6 36mm tubular bar, the rear Hellwig bar is adjustable to balance over/under steer. Last but not least UMI Rotojoint/Poly rear trailing arms and adj. panhard bar replace the flimsy stamped sheet metal stock units with rigid tubular components that feature a combination of a grease able spherical Delrin Rotojoint on one end, to allow for smooth, precise articulation without binding and a grease able poly bushing on the other end for maximum NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) isolation, yielding a crisp, precise handling while retaining a smooth ride. Enjoy a big boost in performance without compromising drive ability and road manners with the SC&C Touring Package!