SC&C Total Control Touring Package `64-`73 Ford Mustang

SC&C Total Control Touring Package `64-`73 Ford Mustang


`64-`73 Mustang

Our most popular Ford package includes:
1. TCP Mark II double adjustable upper A arms with dropped pivot shafts
2. TCP VR Series coil springs, small block or big block
3. TCP Mid eye leaf springs with tie down spring plates,heavy duty shackles and hardware
4. TCP 1 1/8″ diameter front sway bar with billet aluminum mounts
5. TCP 3/4″ diameter adjustable rate rear sway bar
6. Varishock SS factory set aluminum shocks front and rear

Upgrades include:
Varishock QS1 single adjustable shocks add $258.00
Varishock QS2 double adjustable shocks add $658.00
TCP Subframe connectors add $229.00 for hardtop,  $259.00 for convertible
TCP Connector supports add $295.00 for hardtop, $309.00 for convertible
TCP Billet aluminum export brace add $198.00

The SC&C Total Control Touring Package is perfect for those who want a simple “soup to nuts” suspension kit that covers all the bases without breaking the bank. We`ve handpicked the best parts in the business from TCP and combined them into one awesome package.
We start off by improving the old fashioned front end geometry with dropped pivot billet cross shaft TCP upper A arms. This change gives the car correct negative camber gain, and raises and stabilizes the roll center, for more grip and less body roll.They also allow you to achieve a good modern performance front end alignment.
Next we give the car a more aggressive stance, and add better control and roll resistance, with a set of TCP VR coil springs in front and TCP Mid eye leaf springs in the rear. This combination gives a slightly lowered “restomod” stance. The rear leaf springs incorporate an addition half leaf or “kicker leaf” on top of the main leaf to prevent spring wrap up.
TCP sway bars control body roll front and rear. The rear bar is adjustable rate to allow the bar to be tuned for different applications and driving styles.
Rounding out the package are a set of Varishock’s excellent SS factory set (or optional single or double adjustable) billet aluminum shocks. These use digressive valving for an excellent ride quality.
Optional subframe connectors,tubular connector support X braces and aluminum export braces tie the chassis together making the car feel much more solid and allowing the suspension to do it`s job more efficiently. They eliminate a lot of creaks,rattles, and body panel alignment issues too.
Combine this package with a good wheel/tire combo and upgraded brakes, and you have a vintage muscle car with modern performance car handling and drivability!