SC&C Total Control Performance Package `64-`73 Ford Mustang

SC&C Total Control Performance Package `64-`73 Ford Mustang


64-`73 Mustang

This upgraded Ford package includes:

1. TCP Mark II double adjustable upper A arms with dropped pivot shafts
2. TCP Mark II lower control arms with billet coil over mounts and Delrin TrueCenter pivots
3. TCP Mark II strut rods with Delrin TrueCenter pivots
4. Varishock QS1 single adjustable Complete Conversion coil over shocks with springs, small block or big block
5. TCP 1 1/8″ diameter front sway bar with billet aluminum mounts
6. TCP G-Link Canted 4 link rear suspension system with Delrin TrueCenter pivots and Varishock QS1 coil over shocks and springs

Upgrades include:
Varishock QS2 double adjustable coil overs / shocks add $400.00
TCP Subframe connectors add $229.00 for hardtop,  $259.00 for convertible
TCP Connector supports add $295.00 for hardtop, $309.00 for convertible
TCP Billet aluminum export brace add $198.00
Billet aluminum lower trailing arms add $200.00
Double adjustable upper trailing arms add $50.00
Sliding Link Adjustable rate rear sway bar with billet aluminum mounts add $359.00
Splined End tubular sway bar with billet aluminum lever arms add $459.00
TCP Fast ratio manual rack and pinion conversion package (OEM column) add $1398.00
TCP Fast ratio power rack and pinion conversion package (OEM column) add $2098.00

The SC&C Total Control Performance Package is a no holds barred complete suspension kit that combines staggering performance and adjustability with great street manners and drivability. We`ve handpicked the best parts in the business from TCP and combined them into this awesome package.
We start off by improving the old fashioned front end geometry with dropped pivot billet cross shaft TCP upper A arms. This change gives the car correct negative camber gain and raises and stabilizes the roll center for more grip and less body roll.They also allow you to achieve a good modern performance front end alignment.
TCP Mark II tubular lower control arms replace the flimsy sheetmetal factor pieces and adjustable (3-4 degrees of additional positive caster) heavy duty Mark II strut rods locate the suspension fore/aft. Both of these components feature TCP`s greasable delrin race TrueCenter pivots for zero deflection and ultra smooth suspension articulation.
Next we give the front suspension adjustable front ride height, an improved motion ratio and add precise control and roll resistance with a Varishock QS1 (or optional QS2) Complete Coilover Conversion with performance springs. This package totally reengineers the front shock and spring assemblys, mounting the coil overs to the lower control arms close to the lower ball joints like a road race car for better response and control.
The antiquated leaf springs are replaced with the state of the art G-Link canted 4 link rear suspension system. This package is easy to install and required no cutting and only minimal welding. A G-Link weld fixture is included in this package to eliminate any guesswork,making it virtually plug and play. All 4 links feature bind free, zero deflection TrueCenter greasable delrin pivots. Geometry is adjustable to tune roll steer and anti squat. Spring rate and dampening are provided by Varishock QS1 (or optional QS2) billet aluminum coil overs. These use digressive valving for an excellent ride quality and allow a huge range of dampening adjustments to dial the car in from mild street to hard-core track use.
A TCP sway bar control body roll in the front. There are two optional rear bars available. The first is the adjustable rate Sliding Link bar. This unit allows the car to be tuned for driver preference or track conditions. The other is a Splined End tubular bar. This lightweight 3/4″ dia. bar combined with the billet aluminum lever arms is the untimate in light weight roll control.
Optional subframe connectors, tubular connector support X braces, and aluminum export braces tie the chassis together making the car feel much more solid and allowing the suspension to do it`s job more efficiently. They eliminate a lot of creaks,rattles, and body panel alignment issues too.
Combine this top of the line package with a very good wheel/tire combo and serious upgraded brakes, and you have a vintage muscle car that can actually out drive and out handle nearly any modern performance car. Take no prisoners.