SC&C Performance AFX Suspension Package1967-1969 GM F Body (Camaro/Firebird), 1968-1974 GM X Body (Nova)


SC&C Performance AFX Suspension Package 1967-1969 GM F Body (Camaro/Firebird), 1968-1974 GM X Body (Nova)

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1967-1969 GM F Body – Camaro/Firebird
1968-1974 GM X Body – Nova
SC&C Performance AFX Suspension Package

Our most hard-core package for stock subframe cars includes:

1. AFX forged aluminum tall spindles with super heavy duty C7 hub/bearing packs.
2. SPC adjustable front upper A-arms with greasable delrin bushings and offset pivots, on 4130 chrome moly cross shafts, with round, knurled steel adjuster sleeves (They are also available with ProLite aluminum hex adjusters for an additional $40.00) (all upper ball joints are optional).
3. SPC tubular front lower A-arms with ball joints installed, a ride height adjustment kit, and a pair of SPC progressive rate jounce bumpers.
4. Hotchkis drop springs – 1907F (or 1906F big block) front coil springs & 2407C rear leaf springs with polyurethane bushing and shackle kit.
5. Hellwig tubular sway bars – a 1 1/8″ front bar, and 3/4″ adjustable rate rear bar.
6. Varishock QS1 single adjustable shock absorbers (F+R).

Upgrades include:

ProLite front upper A-arm adjuster sleeves – add $40.00
Howe Precision series modular upper ball joints (standard height) – add $170.00
-NASCAR screw-in upper ball joints – additional $20.00

Varishock QS2 double adjustable shocks – front only – add $200.00
Varishock QS2 double adjustable shocks – front and rear – add $400.00
Varishock QS2 double adjustable shocks front/SS factory set rear – add $100.00
Varishock SS factory set (non-adjustable) shocks available – Deduct $200.00
Ridetech HQ single adjustable shocks – front and rear – Deduct $8

Chassisworks Aluminum Body Mount Bushings – add $89.00
SC&C exclusive Aluminum Body Mount Isolators – add $17.90
Chassisworks Subframe connectors (bolt-in with weld-in adapters) – add $388.00
g-Connector System for OEM Subframe Kit – add $719.00

Fays2 bolt-in Watts Link – add $650.00

The SC&C Performance AFX Package is perfect for those who want the ultimate in a comprehensive performance handling package. We`ve hand-picked the best muscle car performance handling car parts in the business and combined them into one even more awesome package.

For the 1967-1969 GM 1st Gen F Body/1968-1974 GM X body package, we start off by fixing the weakest link in the chain, the horrible stock front suspension geometry. Our AFX tall aluminum spindles take care of this by relocating the suspension pickup points to achieve correct negative camber gain in bump for better grip, a higher and much more stable roll center for reduced body roll and more predictable handling, and with the factory steering arms, virtually no bump steer. These spindles feature integral mounts for C5/C6 brakes (optional), and provide a 7/8″ drop in ride height. The revised geometry of the AFX package is a real game changer! We round this part of the package out with easily adjustable SPC Performance tubular upper A arms. Our Performance Package AFX also includes SPC tubular lower control arms, with lower ball joints installed, an SPC ride height adjustment kit, and a pair of SPC progressive rate jounce bumpers. This gives you ride height adjustability, and lets you nail a perfect modern alignment.

We add firmness and control, as well as a more aggressive stance, with Hotchkis drop springs and Varishock QS1 single adjustable shocks. If you`d like to be able to really fine tune the firmness of your suspension, Varishock QS2 double adjustable shocks are available as an upgrade.

We round out the package with sway bars. No cookie cutter bars here. We include state of the art 4130 tubular chrome moly bars from Hellwig. The rear bar is mounted to the chassis with links to reduce unwanted binding. It is also adjustable for street / autocross/ or drag racing. It adds a LOT of performance and versatility but hardly any weight, the bar only weighs about 6 lbs.! We match it with a Hellwig thin wall tubular front sway bar with excellent wheel/tire clearance and a weight of only 14 lbs.! The weight of both bars combined is 14 lbs. LESS than a 1 5/16” solid front bar alone!

Combine this package with a good wheel/tire combo and upgraded brakes and you have a vintage muscle car with modern performance car handling and drivability!