SC&C / Chassisworks gStreet Complete Suspension Package 1964 to 1972 GM A Body

SC&C / Chassisworks gStreet Complete Suspension Package 1964 to 1972 GM A Body


1964 to 1972 GM A Body (Chevelle, GTO, 442, GS, etc.)
SC&C / Chassisworks gStreet Complete Suspension Package

With this package we`re bundling all of the best products from Chassisworks gStreet and gLink components into one bumper to bumper suspension solution for your GM A body! Many companies are offering coil over and coil over hybrid components today but the traditional approach has been to use existing race components and force them to do street duty. Since race cars are inherently high maintenance already, this can cause issues when they have to deal with pot holes, bumps, wet roads, etc.

Chassiworks has taken a more enlightened approach. They’ve retained the upsides of adjustability and versatility, but combined them with clean sheet engineering solutions, for improved ride and long term durability in street use. For example – the exclusive Varishock mounting format uses pivot balls that are about 25% larger than the competition, and rather than being run dry and exposed to the elements, they pivot in wide delrin races, sealed in greaseable housings. This not only provides a hugely improved service life, it also minimizes transfer of noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) for a much better ride.

Note also that they are the only manufacturer to incorporate an integral microcellular progressive rate jounce bumper on their coil overs. You`ll find these on every new car and they help provide a smoother ride and resistance to bottoming out the suspension. They combine this with a secondary polyurethane bump stop on the lower A arms for complete dual stage travel control. These QS2 double adjustable shocks can be quickly and easily tuned for street, drag race, auto cross or road race applications.

This package also features Chassisworks geometry correcting tall billet aluminum spindles. This provides the car with excellent suspension and steering geometry and, the option of 0 drop or 2″ drop, allows us to tailor this package to both ProTouring and more resto type builds. Matching Chassisworks tubular A arms with grease able delrin bushings provide proper travel and alignment options.

The rear suspension shares the same cutting edge coil over features, as well as a wide range of mechanical height adjustment. The beefy double shear mounting on top and bottom, allows it to withstand the rigors of real world use.

Both the upper and lower trailing arms are adjustable for length, to adjust pinion angle and wheel/tire fit in the wheel wells. They incorporate Chassisworks TrueCenter delrin race pivots, similar to those in the pivot ball Varishocks. Billet aluminum lower arms are optional.

The Chassisworks sway bars provide exceptional roll control and feature an adjustable link mounted rear bar and high end billet aluminum mounting hardware throughout.

If you`re looking for a well refined coil over equipped performance handling package for your street car, this is as good as it gets!

– This new hard-core street performance package includes:

1. Chassisworks tubular upper and lower front A arms with grease able delrin
2. Chassisworks Improved Geometry Tall billet aluminum spindles with 0 drop or 2″
drop (add $51).
3. Varishock QS2 double adjustable coil overs with grease able delrin pivot balls

4. Varishock springs, 9″ x 675 lb/in front and 12″ x 175 lb/in

5. Chassisworks rear coil over conversion with adjustable bolt on mounts

6. Chassisworks gLink delrin pivot ball adjustable length rear control arms,
upper and lower

7. Chassisworks anti-roll bars, 1 1/4″ dia. front and 1 1/8″ dia. adj. rate rear
with billet aluminum mounts

Upgrades Include:

-SC&C HD front chassis brace – add $199.90
-UMI rear shock mount brace – add $149.90
-SC&C Basic Bracing Package – add $459.70
-SC&C Performance Bracing Package (`64-`67) – add $809.60
-SC&C Performance Bracing Package (`68-`72) – add $802.60
-SPC adjustable tubular upper A arms – subtract $242.10
-SPC adjustable tubular ProLite upper A arms – subtract $204.10
-Howe Precision series modular upper ball joints (standard height) –
add $170.00

-Currie rear end housing Johnny Joint kit – add $156.90
-Energy Suspension rear end housing poly bushing kit – add $39.90