Varishock Delrin Pivot ball Coil Overs!

Varishock Delrin Pivot-Ball Coil Over Technology – The Bar Has Been Raised !
Coil overs were originally designed for race cars, not street cars. So it`s no surprise that issues with noise, ride harshness, high maintenance and poor long term durability are often associated with street use and coil over conversion kits for our classic muscle cars. Varishock has taken a big step toward making them more street car friendly with their new grease able delrin pivot ball option.

How does the Varishock Delrin Pivot-Ball Mount compare to Urethane Bushings?
Even in a correctly preloaded urethane bushing eye, the urethane will
compress and expand as the shock resists suspension movement in either
direction. This deflection and pressure in the shock mount can actually
affect the vehicle’s shock valving requirements, as an additional variable
force is acting on the suspension. This makes attaining the optimal shock
valve settings even more difficult. VariShock delrin pivot-ball mounts eliminate
the bushing variable and help to make shock tuning more intuitive. Urethane bushings, especially ones that are not properly preloaded can also tend to pound out or cold flow over time, making the shock loose and noisy.

What about COM-8 Bearings? Spherical COM-8 bearings are much closer in performance to the VariShock pivot ball than any urethane or rubber bushing could ever hope to be. But one of the drawbacks to the COM-8 spherical bearing
is its small diameter bearing; only 0.781” compared to the VariShock
1.1”-diameter pivot ball. Their races are also much more narrow. The vehicle’s weight being focused on a smaller area accelerates wear. Even heavy-duty, Teflon®-lined COM-8 bearings, which offer excellent track performance, still suffer from a limited service life due to their purposely simple design. With no way to lubricate or tighten the bearing assembly,and with no way to seal out dirt or moisture the Teflon® races will eventually wear out. The eye then develops free play and becomes noisy during operation, requiring replacement. The VariShock pivot-ball will far outlast even the best COM-8 bearing.

At the heart of the Varishock delrin pivot ball mount assembly is a one-piece,
width-specific, stainless-steel pivot ball captured by low-friction polymer bearing races, which also function as wiper seals to keep dirt out of the
bearing. A threaded pivot-ball adjuster allows the assembly to be precisely set with zero free play and no stiction. This ideal setting can be maintained
throughout the lifespan of the assembly by simply removing the locking screw
and tightening the adjuster, if necessary. A grease zerk fitting is located along the side of the eye and in some installations, can be accessed without
removing the shock. As grease is injected through the zerk fitting,
spiral-pattern bearing-race channels evenly distribute grease around
the bearing, while also reducing the contact surface area further
reducing friction.

Varishocks delrin pivot ball option is currently available on the Chassisworks `64-`72 GM A body rear coil over conversion kit. https://scandc.com/new/node/721
They`ll be available very soon on all of Chassisworks gLink and torque arm rear suspension as well as their Street Machine and G Machine front subframes as well as their front coil over conversions.
They are also now available on our AFX-R whole car race package. https://scandc.com/new/node/1038

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