The Truth About “One Manufacturer Kits”

I see comments all the time on internet forums telling folks to buy a whole suspension kit for their car from one retailer “so all the parts match and work together”. Well, they`re right in one respect, you certainly DO want all of your parts to work well together on the car, BUT that has nothing to do with the parts having matching stickers. I think some people may be confusing retailers with manufacturers.

It may surprise many of you to know, not a single company out there sells a whole car suspension package where they actually manufacture all of their components in-house. They are ALL a combination of products from different manufacturers that are being sold “private label”. The parts are simply labeled and packaged in boxes of that particular retailer.
In other words, when you buy a whole car package from one company, you may be getting tubular A arms made by a local (to them) fabricating shop, springs from a manufacturer in another state, shocks from a dedicated shock manufacturer, machined aluminum parts from an independent machine shop, sway bars from a major sway bar manufacturer in yet another state, and a steering box from ???? They may all work very well together, or they may not. Maybe each of the actual manufacturers is good, or maybe they`re not. You don`t know who they are, so how do you know? In short the idea of buying a whole package from one manufacturer is a myth.

At SC&C, our background comes from having a hot rod and race car shop for over 30 years. We`re not impressed or influenced by retail branding, stickers, or ad hype. We just don`t care about those things. We`ve seen companies that make one or two really good parts, while most of their other parts are “fair”, or worse. We’ve also seen companies who make mostly good parts, but they also make a few parts that are real garbage. No one company has the best solution for every problem. We take the time to make sure a part that we sell fits properly, works great, and just as importantly, works great with all the other parts we sell you for your specific car. And, we`re happy to tell you up front who actually manufactured them. We do a lot of consulting in this industry, and work with many manufacturers on product development and testing so we know the parts inside and out. We also take the time to answer any and all questions you may have. We call it our Free Suspension Counseling Service (610-381-6100). Do your research, ask questions, be an informed consumer and don`t be fooled by the “one manufacturer kits”.

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