SC&C Race Suspension Package AFX-R !!!

Most of the clients we speak to are building high performance street cars. They love the classic style of muscle cars but they want the handling, ride and drivability of a modern performance car like a 5 Series BMW, new SS Camaro or Mustang GT. So naturally our Touring, Touring Plus and AFX-Performance packages address this wide range of issues equally. Cars with these packages are both excellent street cars and also very capable on a track. But with the growth of muscle car friendly auto cross and track day events around the country we`re seeing more clients leaning toward the racing side of the spectrum. They`re willing to give up a some ride quality and street manners to finish 1st instead of 3rd. It`s for these more hardcore clients that we`ve released the SC&C Race Suspension Package AFX-R for A body and 1st Gen F body cars (Chevelle and Camaro).

Right off the bat you may notice we`ve gone from conventional touring springs and separate shocks to full on adjustable coil overs. This type of race application is where coil overs really shine. They allow the easy use of serious performance spring rates with ride height and dampening adjustment at our fingertips. These spherical bearing mount shocks give instant response and feed back, at the expense of a little more NVH (noise, vibration and harshness)on the street. Up front we`re using dedicated coil over lower A arms from Chassisworks. Their dropped, cross bolt lower mount gives the coil overs additional working room and a very strong mounting system. In the rear the Chassisworks mounts are mechanically adjustable to set ride height, in addition to the normal preload adjustment. Spring rates have been selected for best track performance on unimproved surfaces while still being usable,if you`re hard core,on the street. They are for winners, not whiners. 🙂 These packages come standard with Varishock QS1 single adjustable coil overs but realistically if you`re buying this type of package you really should opt for the QS2 double adjustable option. We`re working with Chassisworks/Varishock right now to make QS4 quad adjustable, remote reservoir shocks an option as well.

Both the A body and 1st Gen F body packages share the outstanding AFX tall forged aluminum spindles for geometry correction. The resulting geometry rivals some of the best new performance cars and exceeds that of many aftermarket sub frames and full tube frames. The spindles are very light but many times stronger than stock iron spindles. Wheel bearings are also upgraded from the tiny original bearings to 2015 C7 Corvette ZR1 format SKF bearing packs. Both packages use the excellent fully adjustable SPC tubular upper A arms, configured for the revised geometry.

For A body cars we`ve upped the size of the Hellwig front sway bar, the rear link mounted Hellwig bar is adjustable to match. The rear suspension uses Currie Currectrac trailing arms with greased spherical bushed joints to prevent kinematic binding. Similar joints for the rear axle are optional as is the Fays2 Watts Link.

1st Gen F cars get Chassisworks versatile Glink rear suspension system with a sway bar. It is available in both standard and mini tub versions. The new Chassisworks Torque Arm/Watts Link system will be available shortly.

In summary, if you plan to spend a lot of time in your car wearing a helmet and going around corners and European Touring sedan ride comfort isn`t high on your list of must haves, then the new SC&C Race Suspension Package AFX-R is made just for you!

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