New Product Spotlight! NEW Varishock SS Factory Valved Shocks

The new Varishock SS factory valved, bolt in shocks are here! For many years muscle cars owners have had to choose between inadequate stock replacement type shocks, outdated vintage performance steel body shocks, or expensive and complex aluminum body adjustable racing shocks. Now there is another option.

Many months of street and performance testing have gone into this new series of fixed valving shocks designed to be the best Grand Touring shocks available for classic muscle cars. They are pre-valved from the factory with sophisticated digressive dampening curves tailored specifically for performance street driving, combining exceptional ride quality and handling. The unique ratio of compression and rebound dampening curves eliminate the floating, roll and dive issues of stock and vintage performance shocks while providing the controlled but never harsh ride of modern performance cars. What`s more, their fixed valving makes them much more affordable than their knob adjustable counterparts.