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TCP Mustang Weld In Front Clip - Raising the bar.

August 11, 2016 — SCandC
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The classic Mustang chassis presents some unique challenges in terms of updating its suspension. The factory configuration has issues with camber gain, roll center height and migration, and bump steer, to name a few. The traditional fix has been with new parts that bolt into the existing factory structures. We can make some pretty impressive gains with this type of system but we`re still limited in the scope of the designs, and we still have to deal with the big, intrusive shock towers crowding the engine bay.

What`s the Deal with A arms?

February 21, 2014 — SCandC
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We get a LOT of calls asking about various different A arms and which one is “best”. We also get a LOT of calls from people who bought A arms without doing their homework and now have some alignment, travel and/ or fitment issues. So how do you know which A arms are “best” for your application? Read on.

SPC lower A arms - Setting Ride Height

May 9, 2011 — SCandC
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SPC Lower A Arm Ride Height Adjustment SPC Lower A arms have a modular lower spring seats that allow ride height adjustments to be made while using standard format springs. Various combinations of spacers and seats will yield different ride heights. Click "+READ MORE" for general guide lines.