SC&C Heavy Duty Chassis Brace GM `68-`72 A body - Chevelle, GS, 442


`68-`72 GM A Body Chevelle, GS, 442
SC&C Heavy Duty Chassis Brace

GM didn't dot all their I's and cross all their T's when they built the A body chassis (Chevelle, GS, 442, Etc.). The front frame horns were left without a crossmember and the bumper can't do the job. The result is a frame that deflects under heavy loads and a steering box that's hanging out there imparting all it's steering load on just one frame rail. SC&C's heavy duty tubular chassis brace fixes that factory oversight. It bolts under the chassis with large 1.25" diameter, 120" wall 1026 steel tubing welded into a triangulated and gusseted structure that ties the two frame rails firmly together. You'll notice an instant improvement in steering response, chassis stiffness, handling, and a welcome reduction in squeaks and rattles. Includes mounting hardware and instructions.
Will not fit with certain aftermarket swaybars (some non factory shapes or with relocated mounts)

Price: $199.90