Currie F9 Crate Rear End for `64-`67 or `68-`72 A body


`64-`67 A body (Chevelle, GTO, 442, GS, etc.)
`68-`72 A body (Chevelle, GTO, 442, GS, etc.)

Currie Crate Rear End - Currie F9 Super HD housing, the strongest available, 9-Plus Sportsman Nodular Gear Case & Big Bearing Pin Support, TrueTrac posi, 31 spline axles, and the gear ratio of your choice.

Custom housing with brackets made to fit your specific car.

** NOW AVAILABLE ** SC&C Exclusive Adjustable Lower control arm mounts. This custom bracket is welded on in place of the standard bracket when the rear housing is manufactured ! NO need for those clunky bolt-on relocation brackets. Easily adjust your anti-squat. ADD - $79.90

Upgrade to a Forged Aluminum big bearing pinion support (Red) for $20.00
Upgrade to a HD 9-Plus Race gear case for $150.00
Upgrade to a Strange HD Pro Aluminum gear case with install kit for $684.00
Upgrade to a TrueTrac posi with 35 spline axles for $255.00
Upgrade to a Wavetrac posi with 31 or 35 spline axles for $220.00
Upgrade to a Platinum Trac or Strange S-trac posi with 35 spline axles for $425.00

Upgrade to a CURRIE full floater rear axle package for $1259.80 installed.

Upgrade to BAER TRACKER full floater rear conversion for $1650.00 installed.
(Brakes are Not included with the TRACKER upgrade)

Optional back brace add: $300.00
Optional gun drilled lightweight 35 spline axles add: $275.00
Other Options:
3-1/2" Red Fill Cap with finger grooves - Add $104.95 installed
2-1/2" Red Fill Cap (knurled) - Add $82.95 installed
1-3/4" Aluminum Fill Cap (knurled) - Add $81.95 installed
1/2" Drain Plug - Add $50.95 installed
3/8" Drain Plug - Add $47.95 installed

Price: $3,293.25