Currie Ultra-Pro 10 / Baer Tracker Full Floater Crate Rear End `78-`88 G Body

SKU: ULTRA10TrackerG

`78-`88 G Body ( Grand National, Monte Carlo, Malibu, Cutlass etc.)

Currie Ultra-Pro 10 / F9 Super Heavy Duty Fabricated Housing Crate Rear End with Baer Tracker Full Floating Axle package.

Introducing the Currie Ultra-Pro 10, ten inch rear end. Yes, I said TEN inch! Brought to you by the innovative lunatics at SC&C and Currie this monster uses the excellent 9” overall architecture, but is scaled up to handle massive amounts of power and abuse. With a larger /thicker ring and pinion than a Dana 60, and with a much stronger overall design, this beast is unrivaled in brute strength and durability. Still, it`s the same external size as an F9 9” rear, and only a little heavier, which makes it MUCH lighter than a Dana 60. The F9 faceted housing is ultra rigid and available with an optional back brace.

This version of the Ultra-Pro 10 was designed to be the last word in rear ends for high horsepower (1000-1500hp) ProTouring and Street/Strip applications. A 9” can only handle that kind of power when using soft ProGears that wear out very fast (usually less than 200 miles). With 9” gears, hardened for long term street use, that kind of horsepower can shatter them like glass. The Ultra-Pro 10 uses huge gears, for unrivaled strength and impact resistance, that are also hardened for long life. Note that the Ultra-Pro 10 retains the ability to run standard format brakes and wheels. Long life and excellent street manners combined with massive strength, Ultra-Pro 10!

This package has the correct G body brackets pre installed and all the best heavy duty goodies: Severe Duty 10” ring gear, F9 faceted Super Heavy Duty housing with optional back brace, Currie/Strange Nodular Race Gear Case with oiling , Trophy Truck Big Bearing Pinion Support , PlatinumTrac 12 gear billet steel worm gear style posi-traction diff, chrome moly steel billet 35 spline floater axles, 1350 yoke, and your choice of 4.11 or 4.29 gear ratio. Johnny Joint upper trailing arm mounts also included.

The Baer Tracker full floating axle system comes pre installed ,no machining or fabrication is required. This system reduces axle deflection under hard cornering and eliminates brake pad knock back and low brake pedal issues. Unlike most floater conversions it is intended to work as well on the street as it does at the track, has a real parking brake and works with standard format 9" Baer brakes from the SS4+ 13" to the 14" Extremes.

Includes the Baer Full Floating Axle System Only - Brakes are NOT included.

Custom built. The ring and pinion gears are custom machined when ordered, and lead times can be extensive.
Non stock widths available.

Optional back brace add: $300.00
Optional micro polished /stress relieved gear set add: $200.00
Optional micro polished bearings: $50
3-1/2" Red Fill Cap with finger grooves - Add $149.95 installed
2-1/2" Red Fill Cap (knurled) - Add $124.95 installed
1-3/4" Aluminum Fill Cap (knurled) - Add $81.95 installed
1/2" Drain Plug - Add $89.25 installed
Powder Coat Satin Black $199.90
Powder Coat Gloss Black $199.90
Powder Coat Gun Metal Gray $199.90

Price: $6,429.00