January 22, 2013 — SCandC

Now Available for GM rear axle housings - A body and G body

Finally an upgrade for the upper axle side of the "GM Bind-o-matic" 4 link rear suspension! It`s become common knowledge in recent years that for these cars to ride and perform at their best the resr suspension has to operate with an absolute minimum of kinematic binding. Trailing arms equipped with spherical flex joints like those found here on our site go a long way toward reducing binding and allowing the suspension to articulate smoothly and precisely but until now the only way to incorperate the same technology on the upper housing mounts was to buy a whole Currie 9" rear with Johnny Joints already installed. Now they`re available for any axle that accepts stock bushings!
This Johnny Joint kit takes arms like Currie`s Currectracs to the next level of precision while promoting a smooth,quiet street ride with excellent NVH isolation.
They can also be used to improve the performance of non flex joint trailing arms, reducing their binding (and squeaking) issues without having to buy new arms altogether.
Currie Johnny Joint Kit replaces the pressed-in upper control arm bushings with greasable Currie 2" Johnny Joint rod ends. The Currie Johnny Joints feature 30 degrees of articulation, and are machined to be installed in the cast ears on the stock axle housings. Greasable bolts and an installation tool are included.