Hellwig 1-5/16" tubular front bar GM A body `64-`77, F body `70-`81 , X body `75-`79

SKU: 55703

`64-`77 GM A body Chevelle, GTO, Cutlass
`70-`81 GM F body Camaro/Firebird
`75-`79 GM X body Nova

1 5/16" tubular front bar, with all hardware included. Hellwig Motorsports tubular Sway Bars feature our latest designs and utilize high strength tubular DOM steel to maximize performance but with up to half the weight of a solid bar. Hellwig quality shows in the details such as end treatments where the sway bar is tapered from round to flat to eliminate stress risers. Also, the ends are radiused for better clearance and a clean appearance. all bends are done on computer-controlled benders to provide consistent bends in a sway bar that fits right every time.

Upgrade to SC&C Extreme Duty greasable end links - add $89.90

Price: $199.90