Currectrac Rear Control Arms `68-`72 A body Adjustable upper arms.

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`68-`72 A body (Chevelle, GTO, 442, GS, etc.)
Currectrac double adjustable upper arms.

The converging 4 link rear suspension on many GM cars and all Fox body Mustangs have a problem. Their geometry requires the arms to flex to avoid binding up the suspension but this same flex can also lead to wheel hop and poor handling. Until now you had two choices, Use the flexible stock arms or use beefy steel arms with hard bushings that helped the wheel hop but caused the suspension to bind in torsion causing erratic handling. Some attempts have been made to fix this problem with heim ends or steel bearings but they can transmit a lot of road noise to the body and are open to water and road grit so they wear much faster than stock components.

Now there's no more need to compromise! New Currectrac arms feature modular Johnny joints on the frame side to eliminate non linear binding issues. These joints allow a full 30 degrees of flex with no binding and are enclosed against dirt and weather for long life. They have polymer races for noise/vibration isolation, grease fittings and are so durable they are a favorite of the hardcore off-road crowd!

These uppers arms are fully adjustable to set pinion angle, and have a beautiful black anodizing on the adjuster sleeves. Also, they are among the beefiest adjustable arms on the planet!

Price: $329.90