SC&C Street-Comp Stage 2 Plus GM A-body `64-`72 with greaseable delrin bushings

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GM A-body `64-`72

Street-Comp Stage 2-Plus - The Game Changer !!

SC&C was the First to use the tall ball joint concept to relocate the critical suspension pickup points of classic muscle cars to literally re-engineer the front end with bolt-on parts, while retaining the original factory spindles. Recently, we've seen some imitators, who use cheaper, imported copies of the most critical components. None of these imitators can get even close to our quality and performance.

The SC&C Street-Comp Stage 2 Plus corrects the terrible backward geometry of the factory front suspension, by using Howe Precision Series ball joints, the ONLY ball joints made 100% from US materials in Michigan USA! They are much stronger, smoother, and longer lasting, than original GM, or any other aftermarket ball joint. These Howe units were designed for the rigors of SCCA TransAm and NASCAR racing, where they dominate. They are rebuildable and adjustable for wear. They completely outclass the offshore knockoff OE style tall ball joints. DON'T BE FOOLED!

Our .9" taller Severe Duty Howe upper ball joints reverse the backward factory camber curves for a huge increase in grip. They also raise the extremely low factory roll center to dramatically reduce body roll. The .5" taller Howe lower ball joints further improve the camber curves and roll center location, significantly reducing lateral roll center migration for more predictable behavior. They also correct the factory bump steer issues by raising raising the tie rod ends into proper alignment.

Rounding out this new geometry are SC&C package specific SPC Performance adjustable tubular upper A arms. These arms come with 4130 Chrome Moly steel cross shafts and greasable Delrin bushings that are both strong and extremely smooth. The turnbuckle style adjustment gives these arms about 4 times the adjustment range of any fixed arms. They also retain the ability to use shims, as well. These SPC arms are made in Longmont, Colorado, to our specifications.

The SC&C Stage 2 Plus works with your existing brakes, or any aftermarket disc brakes made for stock spindles.

All SC&C suspension packages come with installation instructions, three sets of alignment specs (for different types of driving), and of course, our famous tech support.

ProLite adjuster sleeves (HD lightweight aluminum) - Add $40.00
NASCAR Screw-in Ball joints (added wheel clearance) - Add $20.00

Price: $714.90