SC&C Street-Comp Stage 1 Camaro/Firebird `70-`81, A Body `73-`77, B Body `78-`96 with high durometer rubber bushings

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Camaro/Firebird `70-`81, A Body `73-`77, B Body `78-`96
SPC adjustable upper arms with high durometer rubber bushings and offset pivots, on 4130 chrome moly cross shafts, and Howe PC series tall upper ball joints.

Street-Comp Stage 1 is just the thing for those who want to go a step beyond just springs and bars, or a great add on for otherwise stock cars who’d like to take the corners better, but don’t want the stiff ride usually associated with performance handling. The secret is the combination of the tall ball joint and adjustable upper arms which markedly improves the camber curves and relocates the roll center. This means more grip and less body lean.
For drag races, Street-Comp Stage 1 allows faster weight transfer and more + caster for better top end stability.

Stage 1 Plus (adds Xtra tall ball joints) +$40.00
ProLite adjuster sleeves (HD lightweight aluminum) +$40.00
NASCAR Screw-in Ball joints (added wheel clearance) +$20.00

Price: $529.90