FAYS2 WATTS LINK Camaro/Firebird '70-'81

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Camaro/Firebird '70-'81 Fays2 bolt-in Watts Link

Watts links are generally considered very exotic. They`re usually only seen on high end road race cars BUT street cars can take advantage of them as well and the gains can be amazing!

What does it do? Well first of all it locates the rear axle laterally. There is no other method that does so with such surgical accuracy,the axle remains perfectly centered 100% of the time. It also locates the rear roll center and allows you to adjust it`s height for tuning purposes.

On most street cars the rear roll center wanders as the suspension moves,changing the length of the rear moment arm and making the car feel twitchy and unpredictable. With a frame mounted watts the roll center stays perfectly centered all the time and it`s distance from the CG (the rear moment arm) stays exactly the same under all conditions. A and G Body GM cars should use OE rubber bushings on the upper axle mounts to allow some compliance and allow the watts link to easily dominate the roll center.

The end result is that watts equipped cars are super predictable and feel as if they`re cornering on rails.

The Watts links listed by application are completely bolt in packages. They add an additional welded steel crossmember for added chassis rigidity, and are fully adjustable. Joints are teflon lined for superior durability. The watts package will allow the use of rear exit exhaust, but the tailpipes may have to be modified for clearance.

Optional Spohn Del-Sphere heavy duty pivot joints are available for the outer ends of the lateral links. ADD - $35.00

Price: $695.00