BAER 13" Pro-Plus Front Brake System - GM A, F1, X body, `63-`82 Corvette, `65-`73 Mustang

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`64-`72 A body (Chevelle, GTO etc.), `67-`69 F body (Camaro), `68-`74 X body (Nova), `63-`82 Corvette, `65-`73 Mustang
Baer 13" Pro-Plus front brake system

13" drilled, slotted & zinc washed 2 piece rotors with Baer 6P staggered bore 6 piston calipers.
System mounts on factory spindles with No increase in track width (some modifications may be required)
Calipers are powder coated in RED , SILVER , or BLACK.
Super rigid caliper design. Use readily available C5/C6 Corvette brake pads.
The Pro-Plus systems have better wheel clearance than the Extreme-Plus series so they fit with a wider selection of wheels.

Price: $2,295.00