VariShock Pivot Ball Coilover Conversion - QuickSet2 - Double Adjustable

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VariShock Pivot Ball Coilover Conversion - QuickSet2 - double adjustable, 256 position

This bolt-in coil-over conversion replaces your shocks and springs. The upper swedged-ball-stud swivel mount with grease fitting prevents binding during suspension travel.
The lower mount is the VariShock pioneered, spherical pivot-ball assembly. At the heart of the assembly is a one-piece,width-specific, stainless-steel pivot ball captured by low-friction polymer bearing races, which isolate NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) and which also function as wiper seals to keep dirt out of the bearing. A threaded pivot-ball adjuster allows the assembly to be precisely set with zero free play and no stiction. This ideal setting can be maintained throughout the lifespan of the assembly by simply removing the locking screw and tightening the adjuster. A grease zerk fitting is located along the side of the eye and can be accessed without removing the shock. As grease is injected through the zerk fitting, spiral-pattern bearing-race channels evenly distribute grease around the bearing, while also reducing the contact surface area further reducing friction. These pivots provide a superior ride and excellent performance with a long, trouble free service life.
The shocks feature external adjustment knobs. Damping adjustments are made without removing the shock from your vehicle. Double-adjustable configuration allows independent bump and rebound damping adjustments over a wide range of dampening curves. Tune the suspension for the track, performance driving, or high speed handling with the twist of a knob. Varishock QS2s have a greater rebound dampening range than most of their competitors, which allows them to run compression / rebound ratios, and rates, rivaling the best new performance cars.
Also provided are cellular foam bump stops on the piston rods. These are very high tech bump stops. They are molded from a micro cellular material that can
be collapsed almost its full length without splitting or permanently
deforming. Their shape provides a progressive spring rate increase as
it collapses. This progressive increase in the spring rate is obviously
only applied as the shock absorber is starting to bottom out. The
bumper does two things. First, it protects the shock from damage
by preventing metal to metal contact. Second, its increasing-spring-
rate effect at the end of shock travel prevents the suspension from
being upset by a hard-stop bottoming of the travel.

Springs sold separately.

*SC&C Tuning Guide included and as always our unrivaled tech support*

Springs Add $124 pr.

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