Chassisworks Torque Arm g-Link Suspension 1968-1972 GM A body (Chevelle, Cutlass, GTO, GS, etc.)

SKU: 5857-A20-02

1968-1972 GM A body (Chevelle, Cutlass, GTO, GS, etc.)

Chassisworks' Torque Arm g-Link Suspension brings superior pro-touring handling performance to nearly any vehicles. Innovative design and careful engineering helped to create a modular component system that adapts easily to OEM or custom frame rails.

•Immediate acceleration/deceleration response
•Increases ability to steer with throttle
•Tremendous cornering capability
•Improves overall braking
•Watts link or panhard bar option
•Mini-tub and stock-width versions

Torque-Arm Watts Link g-Link 68-72 Chevelle GM A-Body Rear Coil-Over Suspension System, Includes Watts Link, Adjustable Pivot-Ball Style Lower Control Arms, Adjustable Torque Arm, Adjustable Billet Shock Mounts and VariShock Coil-Overs. Options for Front Slider Pivot Type, Control Arm, Front Crossmember, Shock Valving and Spring Rate, Air Spring, Axle Housing Mounts and Anti-roll Bar.

NOTE: Not For Use With 10 or 12 Bolt Chevy Housings.

Options include:
Fab-9 rear end housing for g-Link Torque Arm - starting at $1599.00
Rear g-Link Anti-Roll Bar (for FAB9 Housing), 1-1/8" Adjustable - add $459.00

Price: $3,647.00