SC&C StreetComp BAER Pro+ Front Brake Kit - 14" Rotors for ATS Aluminum Spindles

SKU: 7301098

1964 - 1972 GM A Body (Chevelle, GS, 442, etc.)
SC&C StreetComp BAER Front Brake Kit with 14" rotors - for ATS spindles

SC&C has taken the fabulous BAER Pro+ brake package and kicked the performance up a notch (or two). This exclusive SC&C kit includes more aggressive, yet still very street able, Ferro-Carbon high torque / high temperature brake pads. These pads combine higher torque for more aggressive stopping power and an additional +200 deg. of heat resistance over std. ceramic pads. They also provide improved petal feel and feedback. The exclusive slotted and zinc washed high thermal mass 2 piece rotors can process exceptional amounts of heat without warping or cracking. They are NOT cross drilled, which is really just for show anymore. What`s more, they use a unique SC&C deep hat, high clearance configuration that adds more than 1/2" of additional axial caliper/wheel clearance over C5/C6 format systems. That means a huge number of additional wheel choices are usable with this brake that wouldn`t normally fit a C5/C6 format brake. We top it all off with our exclusive SC&C logo calipers in your choice of standard colors (custom colors are additional) to help you stand out from the crowd. This kit is designed to increase the performance of the standard Baer Pro+ kit, without having to step all the way up to the "Extreme" kits.

Price: $2,495.00