New Website WITH Shopping Cart Coming Soon!

October 26, 2018 — SCandC

We`ve always prided ourselves on taking the time to speak with each and every client to be sure we sell them the very best parts for their car every single time. Taking only phone orders is becoming a thing of the past. Our new site will be truly state of the art, with all the latest bells and whistles, and of course online shopping cart ordering.
For now, continue to order by calling: 610-381-6100

Varishock Delrin Pivotball Coil Overs !

Varishock Delrin Pivotball Coil Overs !

Varishock Delrin Pivot-Ball Coil Over Technology - The Bar Has Been Raised !
Coil overs were originally designed for race cars, not street cars. So it`s no surprise that issues with noise, ride harshness, high maintenance and poor long term durability are often associated with street use and coil over conversion kits for our classic muscle cars. Varishock has taken a big step toward making them more street car friendly with their new grease able delrin pivot ball option.

How does the Varishock Delrin Pivot-Ball Mount compare to Urethane Bushings?

NEW Chassisworks Improved Geometry Billet-Aluminum Tall Spindle !

NEW Chassisworks Improved Geometry Billet-Aluminum Tall Spindle !

There`s a new option in the tall spindle market, and it`s got some awesome and unique features! The New Chassisworks Improved Geometry Billet Aluminum Tall Spindles are the ultimate evolution of the OE format. Their +1.5" tall spindle format corrects the backward factory camber curves, and raises and stabilizes the low/unstable factory roll center, for a huge increase in cornering grip, reduced body roll, and improved predictability. Their matching billet aluminum steering arms relocate the outer tie rod ends to correct the factory bump steer.

Introducing SC&C StreetComp Brakes by Baer!

Introducing SC&C StreetComp Brakes by Baer!

Today clients are pushing their cars harder than ever before and they`re all looking for an edge, both on the street and at the track. With that in mind we`ve worked with Baer to tweak their most popular systems to give our clients that edge! Even with their markedly improved performance these systems retain OE type dirt and moisture seals, very good low temperature performance and quiet, clean operation. We`ve started with the extremely popular Pro+ 6 piston systems in 13" and 14".

TCP Mustang Weld In Front Clip - Raising the bar.

August 11, 2016 — SCandC
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The classic Mustang chassis presents some unique challenges in terms of updating its suspension. The factory configuration has issues with camber gain, roll center height and migration, and bump steer, to name a few. The traditional fix has been with new parts that bolt into the existing factory structures. We can make some pretty impressive gains with this type of system but we`re still limited in the scope of the designs, and we still have to deal with the big, intrusive shock towers crowding the engine bay.

SC&C Race Suspension Package AFX-R !!!

September 29, 2015 — SCandC

Most of the clients we speak to are building high performance street cars. They love the classic style of muscle cars but they want the handling, ride and drivability of a modern performance car like a 5 Series BMW, new SS Camaro or Mustang GT. So naturally our Touring, Touring Plus and AFX-Performance packages address this wide range of issues equally. Cars with these packages are both excellent street cars and also very capable on a track.

The Truth About "One Manufacturer Kits"

June 25, 2015 — SCandC

I see comments all the time on internet forums telling folks to buy a whole suspension kit for their car from one retailer "so all the parts match and work together". Well, they`re right in one respect, you certainly DO want all of your parts to work well together on the car, BUT that has nothing to do with the parts having matching stickers. I think some people may be confusing retailers with manufacturers.

"How to Make Your Muscle Car Handle" made Cars & Parts Top 21 Reads for the Auto Enthusiast!

February 17, 2015 — SCandC

Online car magazine Cars & Parts named "How to Make Your Muscle Car Handle" one of their Top 21 reading materials for the auto enthusiast. We just became aware of it and we think it`s pretty cool. Thanks Cars & Parts!

New Product Spotlight! NEW Varishock SS Factory Valved Shocks

October 17, 2014 — SCandC

The new Varishock SS factory valved, bolt in shocks are here! For many years muscle cars owners have had to choose between inadequate stock replacement type shocks, outdated vintage performance steel body shocks, or expensive and complex aluminum body adjustable racing shocks. Now there is another option.